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Yo. Yes, you. Have I told you lately that YOU ROCK? No? Not since last week? Well, sweet, sweet, you rock even MORE than you did last week. Just had to tell you again. Is there no end to your awesomeness?!? Sigh.


Oy, so much! I’m working on new songs for Within Temptation, Anneke van Giersbergen, Jaqueline Govaert, and Tim Knol. I love their talent, energy, and enthusiasm, and I’m reminded that I have the best job in the world every single day! I also went to the fabulous Boom Chicago premiere of ‘The 7 Deadly Dutch Sins’ – I’m proud to play a small role in it (you’ll see when you go- check it out!). Saturday brought me to Groningen, where I did a Rock Your English! workshop during Muzikantendag.


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Come and find out why! On Saturday, June 15, at Boom Chicago, I’ll make sure you learn and laugh for all the right reasons! My workshops are full of humor, music, energy, and fun! We are going to work on presenting yourself and your ideas, expanding your vocabulary, and improving your writing, negotiation, grammar, and pronunciation skills. If you think your English needs a checkup, a workout, or an upgrade, this is the course for you! Use the discount code SUMMER to get 15 euros off the full day program! More info here


“Hey, Buffi, really enjoyed your workshop but forgot to ask you – when is it ‘on time’ and when is it ‘in time’? Thanks!” – F, via e-mail.

Hey, F! Glad you liked the workshop- there’s more where that came from! Your question is one that I get asked a lot- you are not alone in wondering about this (group hug). ‘On time’ means not late, or according to schedule- ‘Our meeting started on time.’

‘In time’ means having enough time to do something –‘I hope I get to work in time to grab a coffee before the meeting starts!’


Like football finals. And this weekly slice of Buffilove from moi to you. Thank you so much for letting me slip into your inbox today, and a big shout out to our new members – welcome aboard the Rock Your English! crazy train!

Sending you a basket full of your favorite flowers, which are actually made of calorie-free chocolate, delivered right to your door by Marilyn Monroe…in my mind (where anything, obviously, is possible!).

Wit lof from Buffi. x

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