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Yo! How are you on this fine, fine Monday? Has anyone told you today that YOU TOTALLY ROCK! What? No one! Shame on them. Let me be the first! YOU TOTALLY ROCK, and you smell so good too!


I’ve been coaching the lovely Adriaan from X Factor, and I’m thrilled that all his hard work has paid off! On to the finale!

In between writing and correcting exams I had a great time coaching the young studs of Mainstreet and their very lucky prizewinners. They did a great job – check RTL Boulevard tonight!

Last Monday I was on De Beste Singer Songwriter van Nederland, and I loved working with them on their new songs! Such amazing songwriting talent in the Netherlands!

I also saw a lot of fantastic new talent chairing Songwriting auditions at the Rockacademie! I’m so excited to work with new students in the new academic year!

Oh. And I went to Concert At Sea and danced at the afterparty until 4. Put those young rock stars to shame, I did!


And darling, I need you! I have this fabulous book “30 Ways To Save Your Ass In English”(here’s me talking about it on 3FM) and I need to get it from my screen into your lovely hands. But I can’t do that without your help! You can pre-order my book with a discount, and get it 2 weeks before it arrives in the stores! Please support me here and for those of you who have already supported me – THANK YOU SO MUCH!!


“Hey, B! What’s the difference between ‘I worked’ and ‘I was working’? I always get them confused!” – B, by email (

Thanks for asking, B! They are both very similar; in the sense that they both refer to events or situations in the past. However, the biggest difference is that the Past Simple Progressive (“I was working”) focuses on a situation that was active during a specific moment in the past, and the Past Simple (“I worked”) doesn’t. For example, you could say, “I worked really hard yesterday” because you are describing what happened yesterday. However, you would say “I was finishing a report at 4 pm yesterday”, meaning that you were working on something during a specific moment in the past, and that specific action was not finished at that moment.


As you know sweet darling, nothing is going to stop me in my quest to make your English even more awesome! I found this cool video, which shows you how to rap in 8 different languages! I thought it was really inspiring- check it out! 


Like rock star afterparties. And grammar exams. And yes, even this, my weekly love letter to you!

Thank you so much for letting me slip into your inbox today – I hope to return next week!

Sending you a huge bouquet of your favorite flowers, delivered to you in a hot air balloon filled with your 3 favorite people (or 12 favorite kittens) and that you admire them while flying slowly over a sunset-kissed mountaintop on your way to a fabulous seaside dinner….sigh…in my head.

wit lof from buffi x

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