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Oh, darling, did your life change at 2.47 last Tuesday? Well, mine did. That’s when I found out that we REACHED 100% OF OUR FUNDING GOAL for my new book “30 Ways to Save Your Ass in English”!

I cannot even begin to express how I felt when I found out. I was in the middle of an interesting workshop at a conference with my dear colleagues from the Rockacademie. I sat in the last seat in the back and kept checking my phone to see if we would get to 100%…we started the day at 98% and I had no idea when we would reach it, but I knew that we would at some point in the next few days.

At 2.47 the great news hit me. I screamed and ran out of the room and burst into tears in the hallway. I think I screamed again. The poor receptionist of the hotel thought that something horrible had happened – I assured her in between breaths, stuttering like an idiot and gasping for air…“no…happy…happy…good news…”. My editor called immediately, followed by my manager, and they were both crying too. I called my family and told them the fantastic news, and then I tried to get my act together to go back into the workshop (which was on the development of the brain, and really interesting), and my colleagues were so worried about me. When I told them the good news there was a tremendous wave of applause and relief, because they knew how nervous I was.

You can still pre-order my book for the next 2 weeks. It’s 10 euros, and shipping is for free. You can also buy tickets to my fab release party hosted by Eric Corton at Knijn Bowling in Amsterdam, featuring Hadewych Minis, Sharon Doorson, Mister and Mississippi, Adriaan Persons, Sunday Sun,  Marinus de Goederen and Charlie Dee! Hope to see you there!

So, reaching 100% is my Awesome News Of The Day. Month. Not year. That will come when you are holding my baby in your hands at the end of October. I am in the fourth editing round at the moment, drowning in 30,000 words, but I love all of them.


Want your lyrics or pronunciation checked before you record? Need to get your presentation perfected? Wondering how you can improve your written English?  I’m offering a few private coaching sessions at Seats2meet Station ‘s-Hertogenbosch on 30 August with a huge discount. If you’d like a private 1 hour session for max. 4 people, please sign up for your favorite time here. We did this last week and it was a blast! I got a chance to meet some really talented people, and everyone really seemed to appreciate the feedback they got. And the cookies.


If you are interested in picking up a few interesting phrases fast, check out this link


On Wednesday, August 28, I will turn 45! So excited! To share my joy I have a special present for all of you – check Twitter and Facebook on Wednesday for the scoop! 🙂


“Is there a difference in the pronunciation of the word ‘tear’ (as in crying) and ‘tear’ (as in damage)?”– from M, via Twitter.

Yes, M, thanks for asking! When you cry you shed tears. This word should rhyme with ‘ears’. If you rip something, you tear it, and this word should rhyme with ‘air’. Hope that helps!


…but I have to finish editing and prepare for 60 eager beavers who start at the Rockacademie on Monday! I am the first teacher they will see, so this means I have to make a good first impression. So no gin at lunch…this time!

Hope you realize that you are awesome, gorgeous, wonderful and fabulous. Oh, and you smell good too. Sending you a soul mirror today, and every day, so that you can see how beautiful you truly are….in my head.
wit lof from buffi x

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