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OMG. O. M. G. (And that does not stand for “Order Me Gin”. Not yet. But it will in 4 more hours!) Darling, sweet, amazing, gorgeous you (oh, and YOU ROCK! I shame me dead that I have written this much already without even stopping for a moment to tell you that!)  I have been nominated for an award. And not just any award. It’s Red Magazine’s “Red Hot Woman” award, in the Media category. It’s for women who are inspirational, make a difference, and have created their own success. If you think that applies to me, may I have your vote please? No registration, no email, nothing but one click under my picture. Thank you! Click here!

I’m so honored just to be nominated. It’s an amazing group of women. But if you’d like to spread the Buffilove with your fabulous friends, and ask them to vote for me, feel free to do so! (Oh, and my kids told me that you can vote on your phone, on your tablet, on your computer, etc. That is VERY VALUABLE information!)

Every vote counts, and every vote makes a difference. Thank you for taking the time to click!


Darling, do you know what a “naysayer” is? It’s a person who has a negative attitude. Someone who doesn’t celebrate the success of others. Someone whose blood type is B Pessimist. (By the way, my blood type is B Positive. I shit you not.) Well, my darling, the naysayers were right. They told me, often and through various ways, that we would not raise 10,000 euros in 3 months. That my new book “30 Ways to Save Your Ass in English” would not reach 100%. Everyone was on vacation. Everyone was broke (maybe because they all had to pay for a vacation?). The book was not finished yet and no one had seen it. And who am I, an American, to even try to teach people real English?

They were right.

We didn’t raise 10,000 euros in 3 months.

We raised 10,000 euros in 9 weeks.

And we didn’t reach 100% of our crowdfunding goal.


We reached 118% of our crowdfunding goal.

If you’re reading this newsletter, it most likely means that you are not one of my naysayers. So I can say, safely here, in the comfort of your support….”Naysayers? Bite me.

Although the crowdfunding period is over, it’s not too late to join the party! You can still purchase tickets to the Book Launch of the Year! On October 22, I’m throwing a little bash at Knijn Bowling, hosted by the one and only Eric Corton. We have intimate performances by Hadewych Minis, Sharon Doorson, Mister & Mississippi, a balladeer, Charlie Dee, Sunday Sun and Adriaan Persons. You can get tickets here

Can’t wait to party with you!


“I absolutely love your newsletter! Every week I read it in my lunch break on Monday and it always makes me smile. I have a question – how do you express yourself in English in a correct way when you are a bit excited, excited and really excited?” – from A, via email.

Thanks for asking, A! If I’m excited (which happens a lot) I usually say things like “Awesome!”, “Fan fucking tasctic” (New Yorkers swear a lot, maybe you’ve noticed?),”That’s just brilliant!”,”Omg, unbelievable!”, “A to the mazing!” , or “Fabuloso!” Hope that helps! Thank you for your awesome question!


Like crowdfunding. And weekends. And baths full of glittery foam. But know without a doubt that I will be back again next Monday, and the Monday after that, and the one after that, for a loooooong time, because I just love connecting with you. Oh, and that shirt you’re wearing? It really brings out the color of your eyes. See you next week, gorgeous! Sending you an enormous box filled with calorie-free chocolate, all in the shape of your favorite body part…in my head.

Wit lof from buffi

PS: My Twitter name is now @buffiduberman. Just wanted to share that with the group.

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