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Hello, gorgeous! Yes, I’m talking to you. I know you are having fun with your colleaguesnow so I will keep this little slice of Buffilove short… wouldn’t want you to miss out on any of that dance action!!


Ooh, lots! I’ve been working with the Handsome Poets (and believe me, they ARE! Inside and out!) on a new project – you’ll hear about it later this year. It’s beautiful for many reasons….Here’s a fun video I made with them the last session we had…it’s from my “Stop! Grammar Time!” video. You’ll see me (dancing in a bra) and talking lyrical shizzle with Tim, the Handsomest Poet.

I’m also continuing to get the most out of Sharon and Robert’s lyrics on the new Within Temptation album. I have been working with WT for nearly a decade now, and I consider them friends, not just clients. I almost forget how hugely famous they are, as they are so unbelievably down-to-earth (no, we don’t say ‘sober’ for that), kind, compassionate, great parents and hugely warm people. Lovely. And then I click on their Facebook page and freak out because they have over 2 million likes! Amazing. I hope I get to work with them for the next 2 million years!


If you’ve been living under a rock (what’s it like under there?) you might not have heard that I’ve been nominated by the readers of RED magazine for their “Red Hot Woman” award in the Media category. I’d love your vote, and the voting period will end soon, so please take a moment and click on this link! Thank you so much! One of the reasons I was nominated is because my new book “30 Ways to Save Your Ass in English” was 117% crowdfunded (Actually, 118%, but it was 117% during the time of the interview). Many people reading this right now were kind enough to support me and invest in my new book. So the fact that we were ALL nominated is an honor onto itself! Thank you once again for all your support. I can’t do it without you!


A Belgian friend (don’t you love Flemish? It sounds like melted Dutch to me…love it!) passed this on to me – a very interesting site on Dutch idioms and what they mean in English – check it out if you’re a language buff(i) like me…


Take this fun test and find out! Also a great way to see if you know the differences between US and UK spelling! Are you up for a challenge? Try the “fiendish” level and see what happens!


“Hey, Buffi – why can’t I say “most funny joke”? I used that the other day and they said it was wrong.” – from H, by email.

Hi H! We have a pretty straightforward rule about this – funny, cheap, expensive, ugly, beautiful, and serious (among looooots of others) are all adjectives. This means that they describe a person, place or thing. If the adjective has 2 syllables (beats) or less, then we use “er” or “est” to show comparison. For example – cheap, cheaper, cheapest and fancy, fancier, and fanciest (watch the spelling there!) . However, if the adjective is 3 beats or more, we use “more” or “most” instead – expensive, more expensive, most expensive. This means that you should have said “funniest” instead of “most funny”. But you know what, darling H? If this is the worst mistake you’ve made today I bet your day is still rockin’! Thanks for asking!


But I have exams to grade, assignments to check, a book release party to plan, children to feed, student brains to twist, and chocolate to eat. Until we meet again in your inbox (I really like it here!), I’m sending you a heart-shaped box full of golden butterflies who all fly away and return 4 minutes later with a silver tray full of sushi, a dry martini, and 3000000 chopsticks for your closest friends.

Wit lof from buffi x

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