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Hello, you lovely sweet darling, you. How are you on this lovely Monday? I hope you’re doing great! Wait – you don’t feel well? I hope this little slice of Buffilove will put a smile on that gorgeous face of yours!


This week is the last chance to vote for the Red Hot Woman awards – just wanted to let you know. If you haven’t voted yet, and are thinking about voting (for someone who adores you), then don’t hesitate to click here! Someone who adores you really appreciates it!


Well, lots! I’m prepping for my Epic Book Launch on 22/10, teaching and coaching my ass off (I just looked in the mirror and somehow my ass IS STILL THERE- how is that even possible?) and working on new albums that you’ll hear later on this year. So exciting! I’m also practicing stamping with my new stamp, beautifully designed by My new book “30 Ways to Save Your Ass in English” deserves its own fab stamp!



Sweet, are you a grammar animal like me?

If so and you want a fun way to test how good your grammar skills are, why not take a quickie test on my site? Answers are given right away, so you can find out just how awesome you really are without delay! Click here!


“Hi Buffi – how can I make sure that when I sing I sound really natural in English? I’m recording soon and want to do a good job!” – from S, via email.

Hiya S! Thanks for asking. There’s lots of ways to make sure your English is rockin’ when you need it to be rockin’! First of all, set your alarm clock to BBC radio. That way you will hear English first every morning and it will get your English juices flowing fast. Take a book with you to the studio and read it out loud, to warm up your voice to the English sounds. Then read your lyrics as text first. It’s important to connect the words in English. Think of knitting- the ending of a word should (usually) flow right into the beginning of the next word. Make sure you know the differences between the two types of TH sounds and that you have mastered them well before you step into the studio (here’s my little pronunciation video on that if you need more help). Having excellent English is a process and takes time, but these little tips will help you get started! Good luck!


But I do, sweet you, I do! I’m so sorry but I will be back very soon with some exciting news and more Buffilove for you before you know it. Can you believe it’s October already? Time flies! At this rate we will be exchanging Valentine’s Day cards very, very soon. But no, we won’t. Because this email to you is a love note onto itself. Every week, again and again! Hartje! 😉

Sending you a tiny little magic bean that once planted grows 8 feet tall in 8 hours (my kind of gardening) and explodes into the most beautiful fall colors you could ask for, never fades, and also has wasabi nuts and cocktails hanging from its gorgeous orange leaves. May you sit under it with everyone you love….in my head.

See you next week!

Wit lof from buffi x


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