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Hello, dearest darling. So lovely of you to let me slip into your inbox today! I hope to leave it with some tricks and tips, and a smile or two. You rock! 


On Tuesday evening one of my dreams came true. We launched ’30 Ways to Save Your Ass in English’ in Amsterdam. I can only describe what happened as a lovefest. The vibe in the room was incredible, and enhanced by intimate, goosebump-inducing performances by Hadewych Minis, Sharon Doorson, Sunday Sun, Mister & Mississippi, a balladeer, Charlie Dee, and Adriaan Persoons. I got the shock of my life when Jan Jaap van der Wal put me on stage and roasted me with new English material he wrote just for that night. I laughed my ass off, even when he called me an old hairy Jew. It was a compliment coming from him! And the lovely Eric Corton was the most glamorous, kind, funny and gorgeous host I could have ever asked for – right before flying off to Africa to do his good work preparing for Serious Request. What. A. Man. There were brownies and balloons, a pubquiz and popsicles, and studs walking around in Superman Suits. There were tears and giggles and students and celebrities and applause and dancing and hundreds of hugs. For me it was the culmination of everything I believe in. Thank you all for making a memory I will tell my grandchildren about!



In America, if you have a “Pop Quiz”, it means that either it’s a quiz about pop music, or a surprise quiz (about anything) that you weren’t expecting. Guess which one this is! Let’s see how well you do:

Which sentence is incorrect?
A: I look forward to meeting you.
B: I look forward to meet you.
C: I’m looking forward to meeting you.
Answer at the bottom of this newsletter!


Y’all are making me feel like a rock star! I’ve been doing so much media lately I feel like I should have someone following me around with a silver platter of blue M&Ms. (I’d love to say “If you need me tonight, I’ll be in my trailer”, but the reality is “If you need me tonight, I’ll be sitting at the kitchen table helping my daughter with her homework.”)

My book was featured in Lindanieuws by Linda. magazine as “Star Of The Day!

I was also featured in Vriendin magazine. Here I talk about my artists, my students, and my thyroid disease. Check it here

Here I am on Omroep Brabant TV saving asses.

I was talking on Radio 6 Mijke’s Middag about where Dutch people go wrong in speaking English.

Radio 1 BNN Today shocked me when Tim Knol, Anneke van Giersbergen and Niels Geusebroek made a surprise appearance!! Love them so much.

Here I am talking about beavers (yes, you read that right) on Omroep Brabant Radio.


“Buffi, which is better for me – American or British English?” – from A, at Muzikantendag last Saturday, where I gave a “Save Your Ass” workshop.

Thanks for asking! I get asked this a lot. There are actually so many different kinds of English – Canadian, Scottish, Irish, Jamaican, etc. What’s really important is that you find a style that you feel comfortable with and stick to it. If you have British English pronunciation on your album, make sure you have British English spelling in your written communication. Same goes for American, of course. It’s really important that you feel comfortable and confident, no matter which style you use, and that you use it consistently. If you want to know more about the differences in US vs British spelling,click here


Like gin and tonics. And fun workshops. And launch parties (although one went on into the wee hours of the morning!).
I’m off to prepare for another workshop, sign some books, and eat the vegan cake I made yesterday! Sending you all a truck full of Buffilove, driven by the Chippendale/cheerleader of your choice…in my head.

Wit lof from buffi X

PS: Answer to the Pop Quiz: B!
You can say either “I’m looking forward to…” or “I look forward to…” but you ALWAYS need a verb+ ing after that! Hope you did well! 🙂


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