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Have I told you that YOU ROCK lately? Oh? Not since last week? Forgive me for waiting so long! YOU ROCK EVEN MORE! Here’s an update on what’s been happening in Buffiland lately.


I was featured on  – read it here!

I’m also in this week’s ‘Vriendin’ magazine – win a free Rock Your English! @ Home course!

I’ve added a new board on my Pinterest page – ‘I Am Not Making This Shit Up’ – read it for some real quotes that will make you smile (or cry, depending on how seriously you take them)!


Peeps, there’s a big difference between ‘they’re’, ‘their’ and ‘there’ – although they all sound the same. Here’s the lowdown: ‘they’re’ = they are. ‘They’re coming over for dinner later.’ ‘Their’ = belonging to them. ‘That’s their dog, not mine.’ And ‘there’ = not here. ‘I just saw Madonna over there!’ So…how about this beauty of a sentence?  ‘They’re moving their bag over there.’ Have someone try to write that down – see how well they do!


If you ‘watch’ something, usually there is action or movement involved. You watch TV, sports games, children playing, etc. If you ‘look at’ something, then there’s no action involved. You look at a picture, a photo, or a painting, etc. If you’re ‘looking at a TV’, this means that you’re interested in buying one…or you’re kind of stupid and forgot to turn it on.


“Hey, Ms. B, how can I increase my vocabulary and make my English sparkle?”

Well, Ms. A, thanks for asking! There are lots of good resources on the web to turn to when looking to enhance your vocabulary. Have a look at to stop overusing the same words – like big, nice, etc. How about ‘colossal, massive, awesome…’ etc? And for some funky phrases and things you won’t find in a classic dictionary, try  – it’s fun, funky, and kind of dirty. Sign up for a free new word every day on their homepage.


I love working on lyrics – making them have more clarity, impact, and meaning. I also love when people don’t understand them! Check this out, and enjoy!

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With love and gratitude,


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