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I need to say that three times because this is the last RYE! Newsletter for a few weeks. We at Rock Your English! HQ (aka my kitchen table) are taking a short break to recharge, refresh, rewind, and refill our glasses of gin.


I was honored to be profiled, together with some Very Special Clients, on SBS Shownews – here’s the link!

Libelle magazine is offering my Complete Course with a discount – click here to find out more!

I wrote a new blog called ‘Ode To Lyrical Fluff’ – it’s an analysis of The Bloodhound Gang’s ‘Uhn Tis’ – check it here!


Last week I told you about as a great way to increase your vocabulary. Did you know that the BBC also has a great site for improving your English? Have a look at it here:


Q: Hey, Buffster, what’s the difference between ‘worse’ and ‘the worst’? – Mr D, via Twitter.

A: Hey, Mr D, thanks for asking! We use ‘worse’ to say when something is less good than something else. If it’s not even good enough to be bad, it’s worse. (His clothes were awful but his pink hair was even worse!) And for something even crappier than that, like the lowest you can go, we’d say ‘the worst’. (And don’t even get me started on how he smelled- that was the worst!) We also have a similar construction with ‘good’ – we say ‘better’ and ‘the best’.


From an email: “I want to be paid in Eros.”

Well, hey, who wouldn’t want that? 😉


People get confused as to which one they should use. It’s actually quite easy – can you count it (children, tables, flowers, books, etc)? Then it’s many. Is it usually used as a concept and not counted individually (like money, energy, time, violence, etc)? Then it’s much.

TIP: If you don’t know which one, just say ‘a lot of’ – it works for everything!


I’d like to leave you all (Marilyn Monroe once said “A wise girl leaves before she is left.”) with a smile in your heart, so how about this one for making you laugh as I leave you? 😉

If you’d like to have a glimpse of what I will look like 10 years from now (minus the pearls), click here.

Don’t forget to ask me anything via Twitter or Facebook – anytime! Always great to hear from you! HAPPY HAPPY SUMMER – CATCH YOU ALL IN AUGUST

Sending you all a 2 hour foot rub given by the hunk(ette) of your choice…in my head,

XOX buffi

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