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First off, we are now accepting orders of our Rock Your English! @ Home course! For more information, click here. The response has been overwhelming and I’m so thrilled with the result so far! If you order the Complete Course before Friday, June 15th (at midnight), you get a 10 euro discount! Just use the code NEWSLETTER. To order, click here.

I was featured in the Viva this week – here it is if you haven’t checked it out yet…click here.

And I still have 13 minutes of fame left on Omroep Brabant…click here.

Have you seen my 11 tips for success in the music world? I blogged about it for EHPO. Click here for instant inspiration!

On 3FM, Domien said that Michiel Veenstra was in love with me. Guess why? Check it here

And I had the honor and pleasure of coaching Pearl Josefzoon in the studio this week. Just wait until you hear her new album later on this year, it’s phenomenal. What that lady can do with her voice is simply amazing. We worked on pronunciation and lyrics together.


Here’s a round up of my Tips Du Jour from @rockyourenglish on Twitter (I should actually call them Tips of the Day, but that takes up too many characters!):

  1. Much vs Many: Use ‘many’ for things you can count – people, flowers, children. And use ‘much’ for things that are more ‘uncountable’ – rain, violence, energy. If you’re in doubt, use ‘a lot of’ – it always works!
  2. Vrijstelling vs Freestyling: ‘Vrijstelling’ is ‘exemption’ in English. You can be exempt from something. But NOT from my lessons if you think it translates to ‘freestyling’!
  3. Bad Grammar Can Kill!  ‘I have never met her’ means that you can still meet her. At her funeral, you can say ‘I never met her’ because you will never get the chance.
  4. Remind vs Remember: You remind someone to do something, and you remember to do it yourself. If you remember DOING something, this means that you have already done it!
  5. Life’s a…. Quote from student: My favorite sport is bitch volleyball.’


And here’s a pronunciation tip for you:

Many people don’t realize that there’s a difference between the V sound in Dutch and the V sound in English. The V sound in English Vibrates! Just put your finger on your lips and say these words: Very, Virginia, loVe, Vast, and enVelope. The V should vibrate slightly against your lips. Now try these words: Fairy, Fast, Friend. There should be no vibration here. To see if you’re doing it right, try these word pairs – very/fairy….vast/fast….if you can feel a difference in your lips then you’re doing it right!


I end with a mini-lesson on how another way to learn English! It’s….quite a different approach… I think I’ll stick to my own Rock Your English! method for….ever. 😉

Thank you for letting me Rock Your English!

If you have any questions about our services, drop Anouk a line at or me personally at You can also reach me via Facebook or Twitter. Happy to respond to your questions or comments!

With truckloads of gratitude and love coming your way,


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