Was she being rude? Or just helpful? It’s too late for her, but not for you!

Happy Monday!
And thanks so much for letting me slip into your inbox today!
I really like it here!

Let me tell you a little (true!) story.

Once I was shopping with a friend who didn’t speak Dutch. We went into a small boutique, and my friend pulled a lovely dress off the rack to get a better look.

We heard a voice in the back saying, “Don’t try that on. It won’t fit. Your boobs are too big.”

My friend was deeply offended. She turned bright red and felt very embarrassed and ashamed. She asked me “Did you hear what I heard? Did that really just happen?”

Unfortunately, I had to tell her that yes, it was true. I then walked to the back, to tell the woman (in Dutch!) why my friend was offended and hurt by her comment.

The woman looked startled. Then she rolled her eyes. “I was doing her a favor. I didn’t want her to waste her time. I knew it wouldn’t fit, so why wait for her to find out herself?”

This got me thinking, again, abut cultural differences in communication. Lo and behold, just a couple of days ago, this article was published by the BBC on Dutch Directness. 

What do you think?
I’d love to hear your opinion!!

It might be too late for me to give that boutique owner some tips and tricks on how to be more professional in English (I will not visit her shop again!), but it’s not too late to help you!

That’s why I’m offering a FREE WEBINAR on Feb 20th at 20.30. It’s my way of sharing some cool new insights into how you can improve your English. I’m going to go through:

1. The 3 sounds that will make you or break you in English
2. The most difficult words to say  in English (and how to say them right!)
3. How an English presentation differs from a Dutch one
4. 4 ways to improve your grammar (with a fun analogy)

And so much more. You can even ask me anything you like in the chat afterwards! Grab your spot here.

It’s completely free, and will be recorded and sent to you afterwards, so do sign up even if you’re not able to join me live.

Hope to see you on Feb 20th at 20.30.
Let’s make your English better. 
For free!
And have fun while doing so!

Can’t wait to work with you! (Oh, and what you’re wearing today looks FANTASTIC on you!)

Xx buffi

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