Sharing is caring; giving is living

I love giving, especially when it comes to golden nuggets of knowledge! Just wanted to share some gifts with you just in time for the holiday season. If you’d like to invest in yourself or someone you love (or hate but you don’t want them to know), then perhaps you’d like to have a look at the following specials I’ve got going on at Buffi HQ just for you!

*2 signed Rock Your English! books for 45 euros – and free shipping (a 12 Euro discount)! Click here to order.

20% off the Rock Your English! Complete Course (an 11 Euro discount!) – that’s the book plus the online video lessons. Click here to order.

10% off my Business English Communication Course (we start again on March 2)  – if you want to take your Business English to the next level in all sorts of ways, click herefor 50 Euros off the Standard Course and 100 Euros off the VIP package!

*15% off my Business English Communication Course – if you are currently following the course and would like to share it with others (why deny them the awesomeness that you’re achieving?) click here for your discount!

*1/2 hour Skype coaching for 50 Euros (normally 75 Euros) – together we will fix a time that works for you and I’ll coach you through your next presentation, press release, song, or check your written work! Click here to order.

Wishing you all a very happy Pakjesavond, a lovely Thursday, and a super weekend ahead! Until I pop into your mailbox again, here’s a beautiful seranade to show you just how much I care.

Wit lof from buffi xxx

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