Some people celebrated freedom last weekend. This is how I celebrate it…..

Last weekend, on the 4th of July, America celebrated Independence Day.
To find out more about this celebration and the history behind it, click here.I love freedom and wish it for everyone.
As an English coach, my job is to free you of English mistakes.
To liberate you from the stress or shame of communicating in English.
To celebrate all of your success in English! Fireworks for all! (But be safe.)That’s why I’m so happy to share 5 free downloads with you.
They will all help you improve your English in different ways.

Want to feel more confident on the phone? I got you covered.
Would you like to increase your ‘cool’ vocabulary? Done.
Interested in cleaning up your grammar? Your wish is my command.
How about sounding more natural in English? I got your back!
Ready to rock your next presentation? You will be soon! 

Done and dusted, my darling!

I am so happy to help you activate all these new skills and challenge you even more in a private coaching session! Private coaching will extend your comfort zone, give you honest feedback, and challenge you to get to the next level in English. Interested? Just hit ‘reply’ and let me know!

May your week be full of fabulous cerebral fireworks, all bursting with English confidence!  (Is this even a thing? It sure is now…!)


Ps- Feel free to send this link to anyone who could use an English boost for free!

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