How To Sound Like A Loser (By Asking For Losers)

It happened again.

I saw another post on Twitter that said ‘Hey, if you’ve got nothing to do tonight, come out and see our show!”

This makes me mad.
And then it makes me sad.

I’m mad because of what they’re saying.
And I’m sad because of why they’re saying it.

If you are asking for people who have nothing to do to come to your show, what you’re really saying is that if you ALREADY HAVE something to do, don’t come. Stick with your plan, because it’s probably better. Why? Because we would rather have people show up that have no social life.

This is what I hear:
Sitting at home alone on the couch? We want you.
Netflix and chilling on your own? You’re perfect for us (but leave the sock at home).
Got no friends? You’re our man.


Why do people keep doing this?
Wouldn’t it be great if people believed enough in their talent to say ‘Hey! Cancel whatever you’re doing and grab your friends and come to our show! We are worth changing your plans for! You’ll have a better time with us!”

It would be so cool.

If you think your talent is worth sharing, isn’t it worth sharing with more people?

What do you have to share today?
Let me know, I’d love to hear about it!

X buffi

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