Speak like a native…..here’s how!

So…the big question is this:

What do native speakers do that you are not doing as a non-native speaker of English?
Well….a lot.

Native speakers don’t just focus on what they are saying, but HOW they are saying it.
And they have enough vocabulary, feedback, and practise in order to master that essential communication skill.

Non- native speakers often communicate in a bubble.
They use English (sometimes all the time!)  but are not getting constant feedback.
Or getting feedback at ALL.
Which means they are making mistakes. All. The. Time. And not even aware of it.
Not only in vocabulary, but in their communication style, which is just as important.

In my Elevate Your English! webinar tomorrow, I’m going to show you some real insights into how you can frame your message, much like a native speaker would, to sound (and write!) with more confidence.

For example – changing just a couple of words can make all the difference.

Here’s a simple but clear example:

Non-native speaker to boss:
‘You said we would get the day off next Monday!’

Native speaker to boss:
‘I understood that we’d be getting the day off next Monday.’

Which sounds more professional?
The non-native speaker spoke directly, and it could sound like an accusation – might not be the best approach when speaking to your boss!

The native speaker changed the verb (from ‘said’ to ‘understood’) , used a different tense, and applied the Passive Voice to eliminate the person(ality) behind the decision.

Totally different approaches, right?

Would you like to find out more about how to communicate like a native?

Join me…tomorrow!

There are just a handful of spots left to join my webinar.
Space is limited, as I’m keeping it interactive and want to answer all your questions at the end.
I’ve also got lots of tips, tricks, and quizzes – all in my famous rock & roll style! Yeah, baby!

If you can’t watch it live, do sign up anyway. I’ll send everyone who has registered the recording the next day!

Hope to see you at my Elevate Your English webinar….tomorrow!
Grab your spot here. 


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