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Hello, you gorgeous you.

There are so many exciting events coming up that I want to keep you posted on what’s going on, so we’ve created a brand new ‘Events’ page on www.rockyourenglish.com. We’ll keep it up to date with all the fresh and funky events that are heading your way! Click here.

9 November ABC Treehouse – 50 Shades Of Great English

“50 Shades Of Great English” – 50 minutes. 50 typical English mistakes that Dutch people make. And how not to make them. I’ll have time to get down and dirty and answer your questions, so don’t be afraid to ask what you’ve been wondering for far too long…we will pimp up your English and make it sexier. Handcuffs not included.

For more info click here

15 December Rock Your English! Winter Session

I have recorded a special invite just for you, my darlings:


This is the chance for you to really get your English to ROCK! We’re going to go through pronunciation tips and tricks to get you to sound more natural in English, tackle those pesky grammar problems you’ve been wondering about ( like when do you say ‘have been’ and when do you say ‘was’, for example?) and activate your vocabulary to help you write better songs and communicate better. And of course we’ll be using lots of lyrical examples to make it even funkier! After 3 hours, you’ll leave with a new level of confidence and understanding of English. And maybe even some fab songs in your head when it’s over.

For more info and to order your tickets click here

I look forward to meeting you all, up close and personal!!

Wit lof


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