Spice Up Your Life…

I’d like to help you spice up your life today. When was the last time you used a new idiom or expression in English? I so want you to add more color to your language, and if you’re always using the same old expressions, that’s not happening.

So let’s make it happen!

The next time someone asks if they can present a new idea to you, instead of saying ‘OK’, how about ‘I’m all ears’?

If you think someone has stolen something, you can ask if they got a ‘five-finger discount‘.

Instead of starting again on a new project, how about ‘going back to square one’?

You know I’ll always ‘go above and beyond’ for you when it comes to helping you feel more confident in English. I know it’s hard to ‘learn the ropes’- you’ve gotta ‘keep your eye on the ball’ at all times, or else you’ll be a ‘laggard’.

Ready for even more spice in your soup?
I got you!

I’m doing an exclusive workshop on creative writing and lyrical miracles on March 15 in Amsterdam. How do you write better songs, newsletters, blogs, and marketing materials? How do you get your words to do the work for you?

So many songs you hear on the radio started with the creative writing hacks I’ll be sharing in this small scale masterclass. There’s a reason why Bart from Racoon says ‘I never write a song without Buffi.’ We’ve been working together for 20 years and counting.

We will have a dynamic morning session for the group, and in the afternoon I’ll be coaching you personally in a private 30-minute session, where we go through your own lyrics and writing materials (and pronunciation, if desired).

Use it or lose it, darling!

X Buffi

PS: If you are a member of Communication Nation, you get 50 euros off!

Click here to reserve a spot!

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