Stop doing this…

Stop holding on to it.

I had this talk with a client recently about why she should stop beating herself up by comparing herself to others she felt were ‘perfect’.
Let me break it down for you.

Perfection is self-sabotage.
Perfection kills progress.
Perfection stops creativity.
Perfection limits risk-taking.
Perfection is you holding a false ideal against yourself.
Based on what you THINK someone has achieved.
Based on how you THINK someone looks (hello, IG filters).

Perfection makes you feel bad about you.
Don’t compare yourself to others.

Compare yourself to YOU.

Do you feel better today about where you are than yesterday?
Is this month more interesting, productive, inspiring than last month?
Do you love yourself now just a tiny bit more than you did a year ago?

That’s true progress.
That’s real life.
That’s real growth.

Let perfection go and start to grow!
(And let me know how that goes!)

Buffi (who thinks you are FABULOUS and never compares her body to what she finds spray painted on Brooklyn walls.)

PS: Forward this to someone who needs to read it.

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