Stop targeting losers. Please.

Well. It happened.

I saw it on Twitter.
“Hey, got nothing to do tonight? Come and see my band!”

I cannot tell you how often I see this on social media. And how sad this makes me.
Let’s really have a look at what this person is saying.

Ok. I get that. Hey back. But now it begins.
“…got nothing to do tonight? Come and see my band!”

So. This person is basically appealing to those who have no plans.
The people sitting on their couches, all alone, with nothing but an empty Pringles can for company.
That’s their target group. That is actually who they are asking for.

Why don’t they just say, “We make music for couch potatoes who have nothing to do and no one to do it with. Are you a loser? Then come to our show!”

How would it be if people believed in themselves enough to say, “Hey! Got plans tonight? Cancel them and bring all your friends to our show – you’ll have a great time!”

(Actually, that might not fit in a tweet. But still.)

Wouldn’t the world be a slightly brighter place? Just a tiny bit? And wouldn’t you consider checking out this band if they were bold enough to -gasp- ask you to come and bring your buddies? It would surely spark my curiosity.

Let’s just imagine, for a brief moment, that you are worth changing your plans for. Whether you’re in a band or not. You are WORTH rearranging plans for and sharing your gift with the world, and with a larger audience. So why wouldn’t you ask people to come and see you do your thang?

Some people might think that it sounds arrogant – to ask people to come and see you at your best.
But I don’t think it’s arrogant.
I think it’s sharing your light with the world.

And that’s worth everything!

Now get out there and shine!

Wit lof from Buffi (who actually tried Salt and Vinegar Pringles this weekend and thought they were horrible)

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