The 10 Things That Happen To Me Every Time I Write A Book (because I just did)

I did it.
I just did it.
(When I say ‘just’, I mean ‘just’ as in time – I just finished, as opposed to the ‘just’ which makes it seem like it was easy to do. It mostly wasn’t.)

I just finished my 3rd book.
I’m so proud.
So relieved.
So tired.
And sooooo excited!

I’ll be sharing more news about it very soon but for now, this is what I’ve learned about myself after completing my 3rd book.

1. If you focus, you can do anything, and usually much faster and much better than you think.
2. Focussing is hard. Really fucking hard sometimes.
3. If I make an agreement to myself I will  honor it. It’s that simple. I made an agreement to myself,  and that was that every day I would write between 1,000 and 4,000 words. I started writing on January 4th, and I finished the final manuscript on February 23rd.
4. When I write, I dig deep. I find a lot of stuff down there. Some of it’s awesome, some of it’s funny, and some of it is buried deep for  a reason.
5. Talking to myself really helps. A lot. And not caring about people staring at you in the supermarket while you are doing this helps even more.
6. I write the words that come to me from my heart. It’s like my heart is typing. Then my head kicks in and evaluates.
7. When my heart and my head hold hands I know I’m done.
8. Meditation and exercise make all the stress go away. I did this on the daily. It was a lifesaver.
9. On the other hand, I also lived on bread, coffee, cheese, and sugar during this time. And now, just like after every other book I’ve written, I’m softer, rounder, and feeling very complete. This is good. But today my 5-day juice fast starts again.
10. I do hope that you like the book. Not everyone will. Not everyone likes me, and this book is a true reflection of who I am, how I teach, and the way I see the world. It’s not for everyone. And that’s ok. I will get my fair share of criticism, the haters will emerge once again, but they will, as always, be drowned out by the outpouring of kindness, support, caring, and love that I receive every day from the people who matter to me.

I’ll send you a book update soon – I cannot wait to share the next chapter in my life with you!

Sending you love. And 44,000 words.

XXX buffi

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