The secret to success just might be in your pants. Or your socks.

I know it’s a Friday but something very cool just happened, and I wanted you to know. I have a really concrete, mind-blowing tip to share with you.

My client came into my office with the biggest smile on her face.
For the first time in her life, she felt great about speaking in public.

For 3 decades, when all eyes were on her, she froze. Panicked. Was dying on the inside.
Could not WAIT for it to be finished.

Can you relate? Have you ever felt like this?

I get it. Over 70% of adults suffer from glossophobia – fear of speaking in public.

We started working together and I shared my coaching technique I call ‘the Anchor’.

I developed the Anchor approach a few years ago when I was coaching a famous guitarist. He totally rocked that stage all over the world, but when he had to give a press conference or meet with his label, he felt naked and vulnerable without his guitar strapped onto his body. It was literally his shield.

He couldn’t take his guitar with him everywhere, so I designed an Anchor for him to take his guitar with him everywhere. But no one could see it.

It was his guitar pick.

He started taking his beloved guitar pick (plus a reserve, just in case) with him everywhere. To the supermarket. On the plane. At all those important meetings. Everywhere. Tucked neatly inside his pocket.

Nobody saw it, but he felt it.
His guitar was with him constantly, and when he touched his pocket, it was a physical reminder to anchor him to his guitar.

I told my client about this, and she started to do the same.
She works in the field of sustainability and is creating a better future for our planet and its people.

She chose a photograph of her kids.
She found their tiny school portraits and taped them to a little piece of paper.
That paper was with her every time she had to talk about sustainability.

When she got nervous or doubted what she was saying, all she had to do was touch that paper which brought her back to her why. Her passion. Her determination to leave this a better place for her children.

So, dear, my message to you is – what is your Anchor?
What is something small and tangible that you can always take with you, wherever you go, as a physical reminder of your why. (It’s also a great way to get out of your head and back into your body, but more tips on that later!)

Let me know!

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