Think big. But believe bigger.

I want you to do this….

Think big.
But believe bigger.

When I left a safe, well-paid job at the most prestigious language institute 21 years ago to follow my dream, which was to become the first Personal English Coach to the Fresh and the Fabulous, people could not wrap their heads around it.

They told me that this job title did not exist.
Because this crazy career idea did not exist.
Because the English coaching industry did not exist (‘because how could anyone actually support themselves doing this??’- direct quote).

But it did exist.
Boy, did it really exist.

In my head.
And in my heart.
For many years.
So very many years.

So I had to take the leap and find a way to share with the world what had already been brewing in Buffiland for so very long.

The rest is history.

Just remember this.
If it exists in your head, your heart, your soul- it EXISTS.
It’s there. Living, breathing, growing – taking up space.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

And…at one point….there might come a day where you just can’t hold it inside anymore.
It starts to get uncomfortable and challenging to keep all this magic to yourself.
Then you know you have to release it, and show the world what has been inside you for so very long.

Then it will exist for them too.

Think big.
But believe bigger.


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