If You Think Your Story Doesn’t Matter (you know where this is going, right?)

Happy Monday, my darling!

I was so excited to talk to 70 female entrepreneurs at the Harper’s Bazaar Network Academy launch last week at the Pulitzer Hotel. It was a gorgeous location (if you get a chance to sit in their garden- DO!) filled with incredibly inspiring women, and don’t even get me started on the gorgeous clothes (and shoes! OMG the shoes!) they were wearing.

Cécile Narinx, the editor-in-chief of Harper’s, talked about why a Network Academy was important. How we can work together to motivate, support and inspire each other – to raise the bar in our professions by raising each other up!

Nancy Poleon, my manager and the founder of BrandedU, talked about why branding for women was important – making yourself visible and living your core values and sharing them with the world. You could hear a pin drop in that magnificent room…

I followed shortly after by talking about how we all have value and something to share with the world. I remembered how, 2 years ago, I left a TEDX event, full of hope about the future and drenched in inspiration, so impressed by the beauty and meaning of the stories I had heard that night. A woman sitting next to me told me that the evening had left her depressed. I couldn’t believe that we were actually at the same event! I asked her why, and she said ‘Because I could never talk like that. I have nothing to share. There’s nothing special about me.’  This made me really sad. Everyone has value, and everyone has something to share.

I talked to her for a long time that evening, and discovered that she had an incredible background in the military AND in law. How cool is that? I didn’t know anyone else with that special mix of talents and experience. I told her this and she was surprised – she never really thought about herself from the outside in – how the outside world might be interested in her story. She only thought from the inside out, and she knew her story so well she thought it wouldn’t be special for anyone else.

What’s special about you? Don’t hesitate to tell me. But tell yourself first. You have something to share. You have value.

And so does your story.

With so much love!

X buffi

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