This hit me so hard – I even told Siri to write it down!

This weekend I was listening to a podcast and I heard something that stopped me in my tracks. A famous comedian, Amy Schumer, was talking to Oprah about what it’s like to be in the public eye, and be vulnerable on stage. I was laughing so hard at her brilliant way of seeing life and motherhood, and then she said this:

‘You have to do bad to do better.’


I listened to that segment again and it became so clear to me – if you are afraid of failing, then you are also afraid of succeeding.

Failure makes you grow.
Failure makes you learn.
Failure makes you improve.

If you never fail, how can you learn?

This is something I say to my clients all the time when they apologise for making a mistake in our sessions. I am always so happy to get their mistakes! When a client makes a mistake with me it means:

1. They feel safe
2. They are taking a risk
3. They are willing to learn.

This is a DREAM for any coach. We work together to identify and improve the mistakes in our sessions so that they are ready to go and don’t make these mistakes with their clients or contacts!

Please know that making mistakes is ok.
I love them.

Are you afraid of making a mistake?
Don’t be.
They are the keys to growth!


PS: if you would like to make a lot of mistakes with me. there are just a handful of spots left for my Great in 8 coaching program. If you think it’s a Great match, fill in your intake and I’ll get back to you soon!

PPS: I was on the front page of every regional newspaper last Wednesday – you can check the article here and listen to me on the Coen en Sander Show here.

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