Have you ever watched a series in English?
Or a TV show?
Or a movie?
Bet you have.

But…have you ever watched it with subtitles?
In your own language?
Please stop.

If you hear something in English, but you read something in another language, that creates a disconnect in your mind. Your ears hear one thing, but your eyes see another. You will be translating instead of staying in the English world.

Try this instead.
Switch the subtitles to English.
This way, your eyes and ears will be working together. They will match up and this will help you dive even deeper into English vocabulary and pronunciation. You will hear words, then see them, and remember them easier – not only what they mean, but also how they sound.

Everyone wins!

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I hope to welcome you, too!
Have a super weekend – there won’t be a newsletter on Monday, as I’ll be focussing on the Move That Mouth Challenge members.

Buffi (and her moustache)