Tomorrow is the big day but I’m trying to stay sane….!


How are you?
I hope healthy and happy, sane and safe.
And me?
I’m trying to breathe.
And stay balanced.
And focussed.
And busy.
But it’s not easy.

Tomorrow is Election Day in my country.
I’ve waited for this day for many, many years.
It couldn’t come fast enough, and now it’s here already!
I’d love to say ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ but this Presidency has been not much fun at all.

I voted in September, and I was so relieved to get confirmation that my ballot was received, together with my daughter’s, on October 7th. I guess it’s no secret who I voted for.

There is a LOT at stake.
A lot.
And I’ll be honest – I’m not the hugest fan of Biden, but it’s basically a simple choice.

Either we go for the unknown (but in a positive direction) changes that Biden will bring, or we continue with the devastation, division, and destruction (of our planet, women, the LGBTQ+ community, health insurance, job security, race relations, oh I could go on for a while here…) that Trump is determined to continue. I see firsthand how this is affecting my country, my friends, and my family. It has to stop.

I’ve been very lucky to have been given a platform to share my insights.

I was on the Kopspijkers show on Radio 2 this weekend talking to Dolf and Felix about this, and you can listen to it here– my segment starts at 10.30 and it lasts about 9 minutes.
There’s also a 90% chance that I’ll be on the Jinek TV show on Tuesday night (it’s been confirmed but anything can happen…). If you miss it, please check my social media, I’ll post the link there first!

To keep myself (and you!) busy, I’m trying to squeeze in a lesson here somewhere.
So here’s 98 vocabulary words, all related to elections!
And here is a video about why we use the Electoral College to determine the winner.

The next time I talk to you, things might be different.
Fingers crossed!

Love, Buffi

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