I type this with happy hands.

I type this with happy hands.
Happy, grateful hands.
Happy, grateful, tired (millions of hugs and high-fives were given) hands.


On Saturday, August 20th, at 1 pm (Central European Time), I took a deep breath and jumped. Onstage. In front of thousands of people to do something I’ve never done before, surrounded by people on stage who do this for a living.

It was wonderful.
I was so prepared and incredibly nervous for days – living on total adrenaline (and carbs. LOTS of carbs) for days on end.
My kids (oh my god they deserve a medal) tested me on the script (which was 23 pages long) several times a day. I kept running it over again and again in my head.

And then the packing for Lowlands – did I have my underwear? (Actually, at Lowlands, nobody would have noticed if I forgot.) Did I have my special costume? And the boots. CANNOT FORGET THE BOOTS. Oh, and deodorant. Lots of that.

I was so nervous for so long.
Until an hour before showtime.
We had just done our soundcheck (right after Noel Gallagher – lovely!) and I saw that everything was in place. That the team was tight, professional, ready and totally supportive.

And that whatever happened, I would just….enjoy.
Backstage everyone was laughing at me because I was so relaxed – I had nothing to do, so I kept asking the artists if I could bring them more food or coffee and just felt so ‘zen’ about everything. Because I was, I truly was.

Up on that stage, I really felt at home. It felt just like an extension of doing what I love – teaching. Whether it’s a Freshman English class in College, an in-company training, or teaching thousands in an enormous festival tent filled to the rafters…..teaching and coaching is where I belong.

I was overwhelmed by the reactions from total strangers hours later who saw the show, the crew who said that despite all the fun and totally spontaneous improv (and OMG not stage-diving but stage- sprinting into the audience, you’ll see when it’s all online), we were less than 1 minute off schedule. WOW!!!

I have posted what I have on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Lowlands has put it on their Snapchat, and it should be online (and/or on TV) soon after editing. I will keep you posted.

So many of you reached out to me during my preparations, and I cannot thank you all enough for your support! You rule.

Oh, and I’ll be on De Wereld Draait Door tonight! It’s the season premiere so I’m really excited and honored. Tune in!

Lots of love and one more high-five. For you, my dear!

Wit lof xxx buffi

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