Um…hello MARCH?!

Hello there,
And…hello March.
How did that even happen?
The days, weeks, months truly fly by.
At least they do for me!

Let’s talk about March for a moment.
Do you know these expressions with ‘march’?

‘To march to the beat of a different drum’ – this is how I’ve been described often. It’s for someone who does what they think is best, even if others disagree or if it’s not socially or culturally accepted (yet).
Iris Apfel has been marching to the beat of a different drum her whole life. (Thank god!)

‘Marching orders’ – to be dismissed.
His boss gave him his marching orders after finding out about his fraudulent scheme. 

‘To march out of time’ – to refuse to conform.
The candidate marched out of time with her older constituents, but still won the race easily.

‘To march against something’ – to protest something
The students marched against the tuition increase, hoping the school administrators would listen.

I hope this adds some color to your month. I mean…your mouth! 🙂


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