“I want to sound cool when I use English at work.”

That’s how a new client started our (lovely) conversation last week.

I get it.
And so do you, most likely.

So let me help you by giving you some fun Business English expressions that will brighten up your day. Not to mention the ears of your listeners!

How about these beauties?

Instead of saying ‘Let’s get started’, how about saying “Let’s get the ball rolling?”

Or how about asking for a “ballpark figure” instead of a rough estimate next time?

And if you apologise for getting “the wrong end of the stick“, it sounds a lot more colourful than saying that you misunderstood.

If someone’s startup went bankrupt, you can say they went “belly up” – now that’s a fun way to describe a not-so-fun situation!

If your new account manager is “jumping through hoops” to land that new account, that’s a very good thing, and if she “hit the ground running” when she got back from her vacation, she’s a keeper!

Speaking of hitting the ground running, I’m off do my Masterclass Series in Berlin, so there won’t be a newsletter next week. And right when I come back I’ve got my delicious Masterclass. Looks like we’re going to sell out!

So, I’m afraid my hands are tied for now. I know you’ve got your work cut out for you when I’m away, and I’m sure you’ll be working your fingers to the bone trying to find that ace up your sleeve to raise the bar on your English while I’m gone.

So, my darling, just keep your eyes on the prize, and hold down the fort until I get back.

Miss you already!

XX Buffi