Wait. He said WHAT on TV?!?

Wow. I mean wow.
I cannot believe what happened.

I love England. I studied at Cambridge and Oxford when I was younger, and I have so many English, Scottish, and Irish friends. (No Welsh friends. Not yet. Maybe Gareth Bale will want to be my friend one day. Fingers crossed.)

I’ve spent a lot of time with my friends lately, listening to their opinions about the result. It’s pretty shocking. Some of them who live in the Netherlands with a British passport are now afraid that they will lose their jobs and have to leave the country. Others are concerned that it will be more difficult to see their families back home. My Scottish friend is anxious to see if a referendum will happen, and what the result could be.

To make a tricky situation even worse (although everything is relative and this by all means is not something to get upset about, but….) a Dutch minister was talking to the world and he said we had to have negotiations ‘in good face’. In. Good. Face. You can see what he said to the world here. (Sorry, low volume.)

Of course, we shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. Not at all.

Believe me, on my (sometimes very long) list of Things To Be Really Concerned About, with the health of people I love at the top of the list, this is not even on the first page.


The reason why it got to me is because it’s so easy to fix. It can be fixed in a matter of minutes. Seconds, even.

The TH sound is the hardest sound to make in English (unless you speak Catalan or other languages where it exists), but it’s really easy to correct.

Let’s do it right now.
You extend your tongue slightly beyond your teeth and exhale.
That’s just about it.
There are 2 kinds of TH sounds, and you can learn about them in a video I made here.

Make big mistakes. Really complicated, messy mistakes.
Don’t make easy ones.
Make mistakes concerning the placement of the Past Perfect in a Conditional type 3. (‘If I had known that this newsletter was so much fun, I would have signed up a long time ago.’ For example.)
Make mistakes on really hard vocabulary.
Make mistakes on dangling modifiers.

Don’t make simple mistakes.
You can do better than that.
Even if it’s just a slip of the tongue.

See you next week!
Thank you for reading this newsletter!

X buffi

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