Want to increase your productivity by 42%? (Yes. Yes, you do.)


I can’t believe we are in the second month of this year already!
Time is flying by in a blur, that’s for sure.

So…what are your goals for the rest of this quarter?
The rest of the month?
What are your goals for….today?

Did you know that you can increase your productivity by 42% with one simple step?
All you have to do is…..write down your goals.
It’s that simple.
Writing them down gets them out of your head and out there in the world.
They become concrete. Something you can refer to, cross off, look at….but they are out there in the world, and out of your head.

What goals are you going to write down today?
And if you want to get even MORE productive, don’t just write them down but find an accountability partner who will make sure that you do them. Find a friend and ask them to check in with you if you’ve accomplished your tasks. This will help even more!

I do this, and it really works!
I’ve got so many wonderful things in the pipeline that I need to stay organised and make sure that I get them done.
My team is counting on me.
My clients are counting on me.
My family is counting on me.

So…I write down my goals, give myself a clear deadline, carve out time in my schedule to get it done, and then show the proof that I’ve done  it.

The very first step is getting those ideas out of your head and onto a piece of paper (it actually activates more in your brain if you write it by hand, instead of typing it out…).

I hope this helps you smash all your goals, no matter how big or how small they are!


PS: If giving a TED talk is one of your goals, I invite you to join me on Tuesday for my Powerful Presentations Masterclass (and ebook)! It’s for experienced presenters who are looking for fresh new angles, and for beginners who want to have a good start in presenting in English, as a Personal English Coach and a senior TEDx Speaker Coach. I’ve got 20 years of expertise to share with you! Hope to see you there!

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