Watch out for the ninja letters…..!

Wait, what, Buffi?
What’s that?

That’s my new name for letters that you can see but not hear in English.
Ninjas are people you cannot see OR hear.
Um…can I call these letters ‘visible ninja letters’?
No, that sounds lame.
I’m just going to stick with Ninja Letters.
And I’ve capitalised it to make it seem official.

You might have learned some of these at school – words with ‘silent letters’ (gosh, that sounds so old-fashioned. Silent letters. Boring! Let’s go for ninjas instead!).

Here is a list of some words that have letters you can SEE but not SAY:

lamb, thumb, numb, crumb, climb

knock, knack, knob, knuckle, knife, knee

Christmas, listen, match, witch, castle

rhythm, what, honest, hour, ghost, whether

So, the next time these letters sneak up on you, just acknowledge them with your eyes but NOT WITH YOUR MOUTH!!

I hope this helps you deal with the Ninjas!!


PS: A huge thanks for all of you for making my last Masterclass of the year such a huge success and so much fun to do. Thank you for giving me a 9.5 average!  We ended with hugs and diplomas, and here is a photo that tried to capture all the goodness of Perfect Presentations and Moderation.

That’s it for my public masterclasses of 2019, let’s see what 2020 brings!

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