I can FINALLY talk about what I’ve been developing for the past 18 months…so excited to share this pioneering method with the world!

Rock Your English: GoodHabitz Now Offers Language Courses

Speak Business English is GoodHabitz’s very first language course. The new title is the first of three English language courses hosted by ‘English coach to the stars’ Buffi Duberman.

Business as Usual

The already vast GoodHabitz course library includes a brand-new category: language courses. Speak Business English will be followed by Write Business English and Understand Business English, and language courses in other languages are in the pipeline.

Where most language courses have a structure aimed at improving the student’s skills in that language over time, the GoodHabitz language courses are set up differently. Following a set of ‘key moments’, students learn how to hold their own effortlessly. Acclaimed language coach Buffi Duberman introduces students to common situations during networking, presenting and negotiating in English, so that upon completing one of her courses, you’ll never be at a loss for English words again!

About Buffi

Sure, most non-native speakers know how to order a drink in English. But to come to grips with the finesse of the language, you’ll need ‘language coach extraordinaire’ Buffi Duberman. She’s the personal English coach to Dutch actors, politicians and CEOs, and a household name in the world of pop music. This autumn, you can watch her (and 13 other expert coaches) in the Dutch TV show The Talent Project, where she helps young Dutch musicians on their way to the top.

About her collaboration with GoodHabitz, Buffi says: “It just makes sense. We’re both pioneers and always on the lookout for new challenges. I can’t wait to show such a wide audience how much fun learning English really is!”

About GoodHabitz

GoodHabitz has been the number one in online training courses for the Dutch workforce since 2011. Today, their online training courses are available in English, German, French, Spanish and Flemish, and new headquarters have been opened in London, Frankfurt and Antwerp.

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