What you need to know about confusing words……10 top tips inside!


Let’s talk about words. I love them. Use them all the time, as you can see right now.
But….what about confusing words?
Those can sneak up on you when you’re not expecting them.
And that’s nasty. You want to say this word but you’re not sure if you’re saying it right.

So let’s tackle them here right now.
Here are 10 top tips to help you deal with confusing words in English.

  1. The L in ‘salmon’ is silent. It’s pronounced ‘SAM-in’.
  2. The R in ‘February’ is silent. We say ‘FEB-u-ary’.
  3. A ‘REB-el’ is a person but to ‘reb-EL’ is a verb. Strange but true!
  4. We don’t say the P in ‘cupboard’. It’s pronounced ‘CUB-bird’.
  5. Ironically, ‘pronunciation’ is one of the hardest words to say! It should sound like ‘pro-nun-see-A-shun’.
  6. It’s 1 woman (‘WU-min’) but 2 women (‘WI-min’). The spelling changes at the end of the word but the pronunciation changes at the front of the word! Crazy, right?
  7. You never say the P in psychologist, psychiatrist, or psychic.
  8. The ‘ch’ in all the words in #7 is pronounced like a K.
  9. ‘Clothes’ is 1 syllable, not 2.
  10. There is no ‘table’ in ‘comfortable’. It’s pronounced ‘CUM-fert-abul’.

So…have you ever made these mistakes before? You won’t anymore!

These, and so many more tips and tricks, are waiting for you in my new English pronunciation course, Rock That Mouth! I’ve got 24 video lessons and 24 workbooks for you. Each module focusses on a specific challenge that non-native speakers have when it comes to sounding more natural and confident in English. We work on everything from long and short vowel sounds to muting, blending, emphasis, the schwa (you’ll see), and intonation. Find out what native speakers do so naturally that non-native speakers have to work so hard to master.

I’ve got 3 types of membership, so there’s something for everyone’s budget!
VIP members get lifetime access to the program, plus a personal feedback session with me. This is where I give you tips and tricks based on your own pronunciation so that you can go even further in your English communication skills!

Doors close on 6 September until 2022, so don’t wait too long before joining!
Start learning today and make your mouth happy – www.rockthatmouth.com!

See you on the inside!
X Buffi

PS: Thank you all for your kind birthday wishes! Here is me looking over the city at my birthday dinner in NYC. It was a magical night! So magical that I actually ignored my carbs for at least 4 minutes. 😂😂

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