Why I said no to the season premiere – tonight- of this great TV show. And why I changed my mind.

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS NETHERLANDS on the Women’s Soccer Final!!
Wait, what?
The Netherlands did not win.
But to me, they did.
Their goalie, van Veenendaal, was extraordinary and had exceptional saves. I could watch her all day!! Such grace under such intense pressure. Geweldig!

Ok, maybe the States won, but I am equally proud of the Netherlands. Here in this amazing country, you might not have the winning trophy today, but you have so many things that make you winners that we do NOT have in the States.

Like gun control.
Universal health care.
Affordable education.
And so much more.

So be PROUD of your country.
I sure am!

And now about the TV show….

I was called by the producers of a late night talk show, asking me if I was interested in being one of the extra guests tonight, talking about the win and different aspects of it. I’m absolutely fascinated by this US Women’s team, fierce warriors one and all, and respect their integrity by refusing to go to the White House. They feel respect needs to be earned, and the current President has not done that, especially in LGBTQ issues, which this team is out and proud about. I love them.

I have a lot of interesting things to say about this subject.
But guess what? When they first asked me, I said no.
Because I didn’t feel comfortable in Dutch.
I haven’t spoken Dutch in a long time, and I didn’t know if I wanted to be viewed by a huge audience at the season premiere of this show feeling less than confident. I didn’t want to make a mistake or hesitate when trying to find the right word.
So I refused.
But then I thought about it, and realised that I was doing exactly what my clients do in English.
Avoiding situations where I would need Dutch.
Keeping myself small.
Playing it safe.
Being afraid to make a mistake.

This is what I coach people on ALL THE TIME.
And I realised I needed to coach myself on this one.
So I did. I focussed on the message and not on the fear in my mind.

I realised it’s ok to make a mistake.
It’s ok to hesitate before finding a word.
Because I have a story that is worth sharing.
So I said YES, I AM IN!

They are still finalising the lineup for this evening, everything is still under consideration as nothing is 100% confirmed yet. I would be an extra guest and maybe I won’t even get a chance to speak. You know how it goes in the media, if they find another important or newsworthy guest, or if something exciting or dramatic happens later today, I will most likely be bumped off.
(This actually happened to me at DWDD. When I was  there, in the studio, getting ready for makeup, I was told my item was bumped, so I am always hesitant about announcing media appearances…). So please forgive me if you watch the show and I’m not on it tonight.

But if it all works out,  I just might be on this show tonight.
But again, I might not. I will not know myself until later today, and they might cancel the entire theme altogether, but still. It’s an honor to be asked in any case!

Even if I don’t get the chance, I now feel ready to put myself out there and go for it!

I hope this inspires you to do the same.
Just get out there and DO IT!

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With love (even if you don’t see it on TV tonight, you know it’s still there),


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