Yes, even I have jumped on the Black Friday bandwagon….it’s discount time! :)

Wait, what?
Why am I sneaking into your inbox on a Tuesday night?
Because my dear, I want to save you sone money.
Lots of money.
All of the coinage, so to speak.

I have a Black Friday special for you!

All of my books (including my new ebook, ‘50 Lit AF Buzzwords To Get Your English On Fleek’ which launches TODAY!) and my Talk Nerdy To Me cards are 25% off until December 1st!

This is a one-time offer and will expire before you know it, so grab it before it’s gone! Click on and use your code: BlackFriday25.

If you’re looking for a fun (and educational!) holiday gift, or have always wanted to try one of my products, now is your chance!

Just had to slip into your inbox and let you know.
I’ll be leaving now, as I don’t want to interrupt your valuable shopping time! 😉

Here is the link once again, and use BlackFriday25 to start saving! (Order before Sunday night, because then this disappears for good!)


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