You are stealing. And this is why.

Oh oh oh …

Guess what?
You are stealing.
I know you are.
And that’s not good.

You have ideas that are worth sharing.
You have a story to tell.
But for some reason, you’re holding back.
Doubting yourself.
Wondering if you should really share your ideas.

You wonder if your English is good enough.
You can’t find the right words.
You are doubting your grammar.
And you feel…so stupid in English.
So you say no to that presentation, pitch, talk or meeting.
You keep your ideas to yourself.

And guess what?
To me, this is stealing.
You are stealing the opportunity to learn from you away from others.
You are not letting them be inspired by you.
And that is a shame.
You’re not letting them be motivated by you – you’ve stolen that too.
This breaks my heart.

Don’t steal.

If your English is holding you back and getting in the way of sharing your fabulous ideas (which are so worth sharing!), my new Great in 8 coaching program will help you OWN that stage and OWN your English. Kiss your doubts goodbye and say hello to a world full of confidence, charisma, and courage in English! (Yes, this is possible. This is what I do.)

It’s time to stop stealing, and start sharing.

If you’d like more info about my new English coaching program, just reply with ‘GREAT’, and I’ll contact you with the details.

Hope this inspires you to share share share!
With so much love,

You got this!

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