Are you thirsty?
You drink what you think.

So…what’s it going to be?
What are you feeding yourself today?

Are you drinking from a cup that is full of compassion to others, but also to yourself?
Or are you drinking from a cup that is full of jealousy, comparison or shame?

What kind of thoughts are you feeding yourself today?
Right now?
Take a minute to really sit with yourself and see what kind of thoughts you are believing in about yourself.

It’s pretty much up to you.
You fill your cup yourself.
Nobody puts those thoughts in your mind but you.

If you have a moment of joy right now, that could lead to a fabulous hour.
A fabulous hour could lead to a delightful morning.
A delightful morning could lead to a fantastic day.
And a fantastic day could mean the start of an amazing week.

This is what I wish for you.
Drink in all the goodness that you so normally reserve for others.
Drink it up yourself.
Savor it.
Be kind to you.

And every day.

Cheers, my dears!
Make this Monday count.
Because YOU count.

Saluting you with my morning surprise – when fabulous nails match my coffee cup!
Sometimes you find joy in the smallest of things.

Have a super week!