Your words shape your world. Make them count.

How are you? I hope your summer is sizzling and sunny so far!

This will be my last newsletter for a couple of weeks, as I’m taking time off to recharge and focus on my family and friends for a little while.

Just wanted to send you a gentle reminder that your words shape your world. I have built my career around words. Sharing them, teaching them, using them to build bridges between people.

In my coaching sessions I don’t only focus on how you talk to the world, I also focus on how you talk to yourself. When you talk to yourself, is it full of criticism or compassion? Shame or celebration? Hate or honor?

The way you see the world has a LOT to do with how you see yourself. If you fill yourself up with love compassion, forgiveness and respect, you will see that in so much of the world, and you will receive that from the world around you.

What would you do if you had a friend who criticized you 24 hours a day? Who told you you never measured up? Who always compared yourself to others and came short? Who told you to be ashamed or embarrassed? For 24 hours a day?

You would never talk to a friend like this.
So why would you talk to yourself like this?

Your words shape your world.
Use them well.
Especially for yourself!!

Wishing you a super fun summer!
I’ll be back soon!

Love, buffi (who thinks you are FABULOUS!)

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