Back to school, and back on track!

Well hello there,

I hope your summer has been just as awesome as mine was. It was so wonderful to be offline and explore new places with my favorite people. (Despite seeing all the English mistakes everywhere…!)

I know it’s hard to go from living without a clock, to making every minute count.
Here are 5 simple steps to help you get back on track, especially when it comes to activating your English!

  1. Try Wordle in English – these little word games help you keep English top of mind.
  2. If you are watching a series in English, put the subtitles on in English, so your eyes match your ears. This will help you identify new words quicker!
  3. Connect with me on LinkedIn and Instagram. I share tips and tricks there, and often have fun quizzes and polls in my IG stories!
  4. Sign up for the Word of the Day service at or
  5. Join my free, 5-day Awkward to Awesome English challenge, and get a free lesson in your inbox every day (for 5 days) which will help you eliminate the biggest mistakes you might be making in English!

Just a few minutes a day can make all the difference.
Remember, baby steps are still steps.
They can take you far if you keep taking them!

Thank you so much for your very kind birthday messages from last week. I have tried to personally respond to every single one, and I love being 55! What a wonderful new year it’s been so far! 🙂

Have a super week!

PS: Click on the picture below to join my free challenge!

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