Don’t Withhold the Gold

About last week…

Magic happened.
Weeks of preparation meant that one of the annual highlights of my coaching career was finally approaching.
And my final 12-hour coaching day felt like 12 minutes.

I cannot tell you how GLORIOUS it is to watch my clients OWN their story, and OWN that stage. This was the 3rd year in a row that I was the Speaker Coach for all the presenters at Rituals – for their Brand Show during the day (have you ever been at the Concertgebouw at 8 am, with just 12 other people? Me neither. Until last week.), and their smashing Award Show in the evening. So many nationalities, languages, and cultures (over 30!) came together in the most magnificent of ways. Thousands of people connected by their love for one company, founded by one man.

That tiny dot in the white suit is that man. Raymond, the founder and CEO of Rituals. I worked with him and 7 other speakers (including the CMO, the Director of Innovation, the Creative Director, and Country Managers from 4 countries) to move and inspire the audience of 1400 during the day, and 2100 during the evening.

All that hard work paid off. They truly created a ripple effect on that stage that was felt far beyond the after party. It was such a delight to walk past the gorgeous guests and overhear them singing the praises of the speakers. I didn’t get a chance to talk to Martin Garrix, who performed at the after party, but I am sure he was impressed too!

What makes a great presentation great?
What causes goosebumps?
What makes people feel like they are being taken on an extraordinary journey, and you are the tour guide?
Why do you need to wiggle your toes before you hit the stage?
Why is saying SHHHHH for 8 seconds so important backstage?

These are some of the things I share with my clients, and I’d love to share them with you too. Presentations are a big part of my Great in 8 program, where I work with 6 people for 8 weeks on their mindset, communication, and confidence in English. We start in October and I have 5 spaces left. This is the only chance to work with me this year. Our live presentation day in November is a true gamechanger, and it creates a new top-shelf memory on what speaking with impact truly feels like. Working for 8 weeks with a small, supportive, motivated group means you get feedback, accountability partners, and a coach on call for 2 months. It’s an excellent way to ditch the doubt and communicate with clarity and confidence.

If you’d like to work with me (and learn why you should wiggle your toes), click here to find out more!
Any questions? Mail me back, I read every mail I get!

Life is too short to not feel GREAT sharing your story with the world.
Don’t withhold the gold.


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