Happy Last Day Of May!
I cannot believe that May is nearly gone.

Tomorrow is June.
That means we are almost halfway through this crazy year.
How has it been for you?

For me, it’s been flying by, and I’m so grateful to be busier than ever.
This year I have helped nearly 100 corporate clients improve their Business English in my 4-week Rock Your Business English! program.

Here’s what some of my RYBE members have said after the training course ended….

I give everyone personal feedback on their speaking and writing skills. Based on the emails I was checking, I saw so many patterns of typical ‘Dutch’ writing mistakes that I made a Writing Cheat Sheet, and shared it with my groups. I got so many reactions, I decided to share it with you here! I hope it helps you raise the bar on your professional writing skills!

The left side is what I saw, and the right side are professional alternatives.
I hope this helps you write like a boss!

If you are interested in rocking your team’s Business English, I’m opening the doors again in September. You can find out more information about the program here. It’s so much fun, interactive, and very, very effective.

Have a wonderful rest of the month, and I’ll see you again in June!