Ready to learn, Ted Lasso style?


You might be wondering what Ted Lasso has to do with learning English.
Well, as you know, I love (LOVE!) having fun. And coaching.  (And Ted Lasso and Coach Beard love coaching too.)

I also love having my clients feel safe, take risks, and enjoy the learning journey, every step of the way, even when it’s challenging. 

When was the last time you went to a workshop that felt like a party….but were still challenged?

Welcome to my Learning Live event on March 30. 
I asked my friends at Boom Chicago to create a totally new learning experience.
One that has never been done before. 

It’s an English workshop, but not as we know it.
Because it’s all about feeling comfortable with the unexpected.

It happens so often that you’re communicating, it’s all going well….and then….you forget one word. And then you start doubting yourself. 

And then communication….kind of….stops.

Hello #awkward.

If you know anything about the Netflix smash hit Ted Lasso, you know it’s hella funny and cleverly written. It hasn’t won 34 awards for nothing. But did you know the 2 leads – Coach Beard (Brendan Hunt) and Jason Sudeikis (Ted Lasso himself) spent many years writing and performing with Boom Chicago in Amsterdam? #FunFactAlert

I’ve actually done workshops with Brendan before, and was so impressed, I hired him to train some of my clients on being spontaneous in English. They are still talking about it, years later. It’s truly one of a kind. 

So let’s get you laughing, and uncomfortable.
Let’s embrace the awkwardness and prepare for the unexpected.
Let’s see what happens when you are thrown a curve ball in English.
Will you catch it? 

Grab that pencil and write this in your calendar: 

March 30, 15.30 – I will plan to be spontaneous!

I’ll bring the drinks, snacks, a fabulous group of motivated people, and goodie bags. 

Something like this has never been done before. 
So how could we fail?

I cannot wait. 
There are 20 tickets left.
Grab your spot today! 
Believe in yourself. 

Coach Buffi, Coach Beard, and Coach Ted Lasso 

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