Resolutions?! Revolutions!

Happy New Year sweetie! How’s your year been going so far? I haven’t seen you since…last year, and you look exactly the same. How do you do that? Wow.

On my first day back at work I talked to my students about their New Year’s Resolutions – what were their goals for 2015? What did they want to accomplish – academically, artistically, spiritually, financially, and any other way they could think of? The results were amazing. One student said “I want to look in the mirror and like what I see.” Another said, “I want to survive my first year in college!” (He wasn’t the only one who said this.) Someone else said, “I want to find my passion and eliminate things that don’t bring me joy.” I then asked them what needed to be done first in order to make that goal happen. And what needed to be done before that step. And before that one. We thought backwards, step by step, and brought it down to what they could do RIGHT NOW to make that goal a reality. I truly believe that when you write things down, when you share your words with others, you make a promise to the Universe and the Universe listens. Once you’ve put it out there, there’s no turning back! (Much like those pictures of you at that crazy bachelor party you wish you could take off the Internet.)

When I was a little girl, I took my resolutions very seriously. I made lists and crossed things off one by one. Things on my list were ‘keep my room clean’, ‘help grandma more’ and ‘hit my brother less’. As I got older, my resolutions became bigger. But simpler. “Make a difference.” “Do better”. “Make a change.” I write down these three every year, again, and again, and my resolutions sometimes feel like revolutions because they become so big in my mind and lead to some hugely awesome things. What are your resolutions? Or do you have revolutions? Share them with me – think big!

This year is full of new adventures for me – moving into my new office (no more writing at my children’s play table!), writing new books, and launching the second Business English Communication Course (mark your calendars – we start March 30!). I want to make a difference and I want to help. I want to make a difference in how you learn English and I want to help you to communicate better in English – without fear, and without shame. And to have a great time while doing it!

So happy to see you again dear! I wish you a wonderful year – may all your dreams come true. What can you do today to make that start?

Wit lof,

X buffi

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