What are you feeding yourself?



So I’m pretty awesome, I guess, as here I’m enjoying the best bagel I’ve ever had. (Have a Bagel on Havemeyer street, Brooklyn. Worth the trip! You can thank me later. By bringing me a bagel.)

But seriously, folks.
What are you feeding yourself?

What messages are you giving yourself?
What do you tell yourself….and do you believe it?

‘I can’t do this.’

‘I suck at this.’

‘This will never work.’

‘I tried this before and I failed.’

‘Others can do it so much better than I can. So why bother?’


Does this sound familiar?
I hear this all the time.

These are all actual quotes from my intake calls over the past few weeks. (I personally call everyone who applies for personal coaching to see if it’s a good match. This is a free service I provide, and I invest a lot of time in it, as it’s important for both of us to see if we can work together effectively.)


So this is what you’ve been cooking up in your kitchen.

And devouring.

And asking for seconds. Or thirds.


But guess what?
This is a HABIT that you have developed.

It’s simply a thought pattern that you have established and solidified in your head, as you’ve done this time and time again. Then again. And then started to believe in this. And started to internalize these thoughts and accept them as the truth. And holding on to this has blinded you from seeing other concrete, real, and wonderful possibilities.


What would it be like if you broke through this negative pattern?

If you realized that true failure is NOT trying and failing.

True failure is not TRYING.


I have helped thousands of clients throughout the years in shifting their mindset.

To show them what is possible, and how you will feel unstoppable, when you embrace the unknown and start holding on to the gift of possibility instead of the PERCEPTION of POSSIBLE shame or failure.


I’d love to help you too!

This mindshift coaching is a big part of my Great in 8 program. 

The way you talk to yourself shows up in how you talk to the world.

You can have perfect grammar and have a wonderful product or service to sell, but if you fill yourself with doubt or comparison, none of these things matter anymore.


So let’s flip the script.

I have space for 2 more people in our Great in 8 program, which is 8 weeks of mentorship, consultancy, private and group coaching, and an exclusive live presentation day. The group is kept small (6 max) for a reason, so that I can truly serve every single member in helping them truly grow & develop.


It’s a gamechanger.

And it’s the last time I’m offering this program.

Wouldn’t it be great to feel unstoppable….not only in English, but in life?

And to feel this way by December 1st?


I’m 100% committed to your success.

Click HERE to find out more.


And remember…you are what you eat.

You’re worth the best ingredients.

Choose them well.

You’ll be amazed how delicious life can be!




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