Giving a present(ation)……

GREATNESS in action! 🎉🎉

Last Thursday was the Presentation Day of my Great in 8 coaching program. It’s only for 6 highly-motivated people and it’s only twice a year. We have 8 weeks of online coaching sessions and weekly personal feedback and mentorship on your own Personal Communication Project. Week 5 is all about presentations so it was time to show what you know! 😻

Everyone presented (both live and online for those that could not be there live) and got clear and honest feedback not just from me but from all the other participants. ✅

We learned about hydrogen-powered cars, following your dreams, international musical ambitions, the latest technology in infection prevention, scaling up your business, and how to add value to your business with video. 😃

I saw everyone grow today. In confidence. In storytelling. In vulnerability. In strength. Great in 8 is more than just English coaching. It’s also about how you talk to YOU. 🌹🙏🏾

So happy we have another 3 weeks left! We are now accepting applications for the next edition in March. If you are ready to change the game and transform your communication skills (and mindset!), let me know! I’d love to help you make your next presentation feel like a present. 🎁

I got my holiday gift early this year!

If you’d like a free PDF with 10 of my pro tips on how to rock your next presentation, click here.

See you next week!

Buffi (who always does a little dance before every coaching session)

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